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State Key Laboratory for Advanced Metals and Materials (SKLAMM) was established in University of Science and Technology Beijing in 1990. Aiming at the frontiers of metallic materials research and the demands of national economy, SKLAMM has conducted fundamental and applied research on development of advanced metallic materials and upgrade of traditional materials. Five principal research directions have been formed as follows: (1) Frontier metallic materials, including intermetallics, amorphous/high-entropy alloys, and superalloys; (2) Novel functional materials, including materials and devices with electrical, optical, acoustic, thermal and mechanical effects; (3) Advanced steels, including innovative design, microstructure-property relationship, green manufacture, service behavior and applications of high-performance steels; (4) Advanced materials processing, including new principle, innovative technology and advanced processing of pivotal metallic materials; (5) Materials genome engineering, including new model for materials research and development based on rational design, effective experiments and big data technique.

In the recent decade, SKLAMM has made fruitful systematic and original research achievements in the fields of design and applications of advanced steels, theory and applications of strengthening mechanism in metallic materials, multi-scale design of low-dimension materials and devices, manufacture technology of pivotal nonferrous metals, and applications of materials genome engineering. Great contribution has been made to the research of metallic materials, support for iron and steel industry, and development of national economy.