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Modeling and Analysis of Serrated Flows in High Entropy Alloys

Author: Date:2020-08-19 Source:

Speaker: Dr. Jamieson Brechtl

Affiliation: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S.

Contact: Prof. Yong Zhang

Date: June 19th (Friday), 2020

ZOOM Cloud Meeting ID: 5610133397

Abstract: The serrated flow, which is characterized by fluctuations in the stress strain curve, is associated with plastic deformation that can degrade material properties. This presentation will give an overview of past and current theoretical modeling and analysis techniques used to study the serrated flow phenomenon in different alloy systems, including high entropy alloys (HEAs). Analytical methods include the refined composite multiscale entropy analysis, multifractal analysis, and statistical techniques. Furthermore, the analytical results will be compared to the results of in situ microscopic characterization experiments. Additionally, a link between the serration behavior and the defect interactions that occur during plastic deformation will be examined. Finally, recommendations for future research directions regarding the characterization of the serrated flow in HEA s will be discussed.

Speaker’s short biography: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U. S. A.