Shouguo Wang

Tel.:+86-10-62333432 Email:sgwang@ustb.edu.cn Title:Professor

Research Interests

1. Novel Functional Magnetic Materials  

2. Magnetic Skyrmions

3. High Resolution of Magnetic Imaging

Education Background

1996/09-2001/07, Ph. D., Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

1992/09-1996/07, B. E., Physics, Anhui University, China

Work Experience

2016/01-Present, Professor, University of Science and Technology Beijing

2007/12-2015/12, Associate Professor, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2005/03-2007/12, Research Associated, Oxford University

2003/07-2005/02, Postdoctoral Researcher, Max-Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics

2001/08-2003/07, Research Fellow, National University of Singapore

Honors and Awards

Winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 2016

First Class Reward of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology (the 10th in team), 2013

Selected Publications

1. High resolution imaging based on photo-emission electron microscopy excited by deep ultraviolet laser (Topic Review), H. C. Lyu,Y. C. Zhao, G. Yang, B. W. Dong, J. Qi, J. Y. Zhang, Z. Z. Zhu, Y. Sun, G. H. Yu, Y. Jiang, H. X. Wei, J. Wang, J. Lu, Z. H. Wang, J. W. Cai, B. G. Shen, F. Yang, S. J. Zhang, and S. G. Wang*, Acta Physica Sinica 69 (2020) 096801.

2. Study of Erbium-Holmium based magnetic refrigerant materials with high performance in low temperature range (Topic Review), S. H. Shao, X. Q. Zheng, J. W. Xu, S. X. Yang, S. G. Wang*, and B. G. Shen, Chinese Journal of Rare Metals 43 (2019) 1142-1163

3. Multi-field control on magnetic skyrmions (Topic Review), B. W. Dong, J. Y. Zhang, L. C. Peng, M. He, Y. Zhang, Y. C. Zhao, C. Wang, Y. Sun, J. W. Cai, W. H. Wang, H. X. Wei, B. G. Shen, Y. Jiang, and S. G. Wang*, Acta Physica Sinica 67 (2018) 137507.

4. Magnetic enhancement for hydrogen evolution reaction on ferromagnetic MoS2 catalyst , W. D. Zhou, M. Y. Chen, M. M. Guo, A. J. Hong, T. Yu, X. F. Luo1, C. L. Yuan* W. Lei, and S. G. Wang*, Nano Letters (DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.0c00845).

5. Tunable giant anomalous Hall angle in perpendicular multilayers by interfacial orbital hybridization, J. Y. Zhang, W. L. Peng, G. H. Yu*, Z. B He, F. Yang, W. Ji, C. Hu, and S. G. Wang*, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11 (2019) 24751.

6. Antiferromagnetic element Mn modified PtCo truncated octahedral nanoparticles with enhanced activity and durability for direct methanol fuel cells, Q. Q. Zhang, J. L. Liu, T. Y. Xia, J. Qi, H. C. Lyu, B. Y. Luo, R. M. Wang, Y. Z. Guo, L. H. Wang, and S. G. Wang*, Nano Research 12 (2019) 2520.

7. Low working temperature near liquid helium boiling point of RNiAl2 (R = Tm, Tb and Gd) compounds with large magnetocaloric effect, J. W. Xu, X. Q. Zheng,S. X. Yang, S. H. Shao, J. Q. Liu, J. Y. Zhang, S. G. Wang*, Z. Y. Xu, L. C. Wang, S. Zhang, Z. Q. Zhang, and B. G. Shen, J. Appl. Phys. 125 (2019) 225102.

8. Direct observation of magnetic contrast obtained by photoemission electron microscopy with deep ultra-violet laser excitation, Y. C. Zhao, H. C. Lyu, G. Yang, B. W. Dong, J. Qi, J. Y. Zhang, Z. Z. Zhu, Y. Sun, G. H. Yu, Y. Jiang, H. X. Wei, J. Wang, J. Lu, Z. H. Wang, J. W. Cai, B. G. Shen, W. S. Zhan, F. Yang, S. J. Zhang, and S. G. Wang*, Ultramicroscopy 202 (2019) 156.

Academic Services

Applied Magnetic Society of Chinese Institute of Electronics

2. Vice Secretary-general, Division of Functional Materials of Chinese Society for Metals