Yandong Wang

Tel.:+86-10-82377942 Email:ydwang@ustb.edu.cn Title:Professor

Research Interests

1. Applications of the neutron and synchrotron x-ray diffraction methods to the studies of crystallographic textures, various stresses, and materials processing, such as deformation, crystallisation and phase transformation

2. Research development of ferromagnetic shape-memory materials or metallic alloys with superelastic behavior  

3. Multicale simulations of mechanical properties by various microscopic models

Education Background

1989.09-1993.03, Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing

1986.09-1989.06, M.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Northeastern University (China)

1982.09-1986.07, B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Northeastern University (China)

Work Experience

2013.01-now, Distinguished Professor and Group Leader, State Key Laboratory for Advanced Metal and Materials, University of Science and Technology Beijing

2009.07-2012.12, Changjiang Professorship and Group Leader, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology

2004.01-2009.07, Professorship, School of Materials and Metallurgy, Northeastern University (China)

2005.08-2008.05, Visiting Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Tennessee in Knoxville

2003.09- 2003.12, Visiting Scientist, Studsvik Neutron Research Laboratory (NFL Studsvik), Uppsala University

2001.01-2003.08, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Spallation Neutron Source (SNS), Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

2000.09- 2000.12, Research Scientist, Studsvik Neutron Research Laboratory (NFL Studsvik), Uppsala University

1998.08-2000.08, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Studsvik Neutron Research Laboratory (NFL Studsvik), Uppsala University

1994.03-1997.08, Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Northeastern University (China)  

Honors and Awards

1994  Award of Natural Science Research of Ministry of Metallurgy Industry of China

1996  Young Scientist & Engineer Award in the Eleventh International Conference on Textures of Materials (ICOTOM 11).

1998  Award of Natural Science Research of Ministry of Education of China

2004  New Century Excellent Talents (NECT) awarded by Ministry of Education of China

2007 Natural Science Academic Achievement award by Liaoning Province

2007 NSFC Outstanding Young Scientist Fellowship

2008 Ministry of Education (MOE) awarded Changjiang Professorship

2009 New Century Hundreds and Thousands Talents awarded by Ministry of Human Resources of China

Selected Publications

1. "A novel method for constructing the mean field of grain-orientation-dependent residual stress", Y.D. Wang*, R. Lin, R. McGreevy, Phil. Mag. Lett. 81(2001), pp. 153-163.

2. "Grain-orientation-dependent residual stress and the effect of annealing in stainless steel", Y.D. Wang*, R. Lin, X.-L. Wang, and R.L. McGreevy, Acta Mater. 50(2002), 1717-1734.

3. "Development of grain-orientation-dependent residual stresses in a cyclically deformed alloy", Y.D. Wang*, H. Tian, A.D. Stoica, X.L. Wang*, P.K. Liaw, and J.W. Richardson, Article in Nature Materials 2(2003), 101-106.

4. "In-situ synchrotron study of phase transformation behaviours in bulk metallic glass by simultaneous diffraction and small angle scattering", X.L. Wang*, J. Almer, C.T. Liu, Y.D. Wang, J.K. Zhao, A.D. Stoica, D.R. Haeffner, and W.H. Wang, Phys. Rev. Lett. 91 (2003), 265501 (4 pp).

5. "Grain-to-grain stress interactions in an electrodeposited iron coating", Y.D. Wang*, R.L. Peng, J. Almer, M. Oden, Y.D. Liu, J.N. Deng, C.S. He, L. Chen, Q.L. Li, and L. Zuo*, Advanced Materials 17(2005), 1221-1226.

6. "Interactions between the phase stress and the grain-orientation-dependent stress in duplex stainless steel during deformation", N. Jia, R. Lin Peng, Y.D. Wang*, G.C. Chai, S. Johansson, G. Wang, and P.K. Liaw, Acta Mater. 54(2006), 3907-3916.

7. "Tracing memory in polycrystalline ferromagnetic shape-memory alloy", Y.D. Wang*, Y. Ren, H. Li, H. Choo, M.L. Benson, D.W. Brown, P.K. Liaw, L. Zuo*, G. Wang, D.E. Brown, and E.E. Alp, Advanced Materials 18(2006), 2392-2396.

8. "Micro-micromechanical behavior and texture evolution of duplex stainless steel studied by neutron diffraction and self-consistent modeling", N. Jia, R. Lin Peng, Y.D. Wang*, S. Johansson, and P.K. Liaw. Acta Mater. 56(2008), pp. 782-793.

9. "In-situ high energy X-ray studies of magnetic-field-induced phase transition in a ferromagnetic shape memory NiCoMnIn alloy", Y.D. Wang*, E.W. Huang, Y. Ren, Z.H. Nie, G. Wang, Y.D. Liu, J.N. Deng, H. Choo, P.K. Liaw, D.E. Brown, and L. Zuo, Acta Mater. 56(2008), 913-923.

10. "An in-situ high-energy X-ray diffraction study of micromechanical behavior of multiple phase in advanced high-strength steels", N. Jia, Z.H. Cong, X. Sun, S. Cheng, Z.H. Nie, Y. Ren, P.K. Liaw, and Y.D. Wang*, Acta Mater. 57 (2009), 3965-3977.

11. "New intrinsic mechanism on gum-like superelasticity of multifunctional alloys", Jia-Peng Liu, Yan-Dong Wang*, Yu-Lin Hao*, Yunzhi Wang*, Zhi-Hua Nie, Dong Wang, Yang Ren, Zhao-Ping Lu, Jinguo Wang, Haoliang Wang, Xidong Hui, Ning Lu, Moon J. Kim and Rui Yang*, Scientific Reports 3(2013), 2156.

12. "X-ray micro-diffraction in-situ Study of deformation-induced phase transformation in 304 austenitic stainless steel", N. Li, Y.D. Wang*, W.J. Liu, Z.N. An, J.P. Liu, R. Su, J. Li, P.K. Liaw, Acta Mater. 63(2014), 12-24.

13. "Temperature-dependent micromechanical behavior of medium-Mn transformation-induced-plasticity steel studied by in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction", M. Zhang, L. Li, J. Ding, Q. Wu, Y.D. Wang*, J. Almer*, F. Guo. Y. Ren, Acta Mater. 141, 294-303 (2017).

14. "Unraveling submicron-scale mechanical heterogeneity by three-dimensional X-ray micro-diffraction", R. Li, Q. Xie, Y.D. Wang*, W. Liu*, M Wang, G. Wu, X. Li, M. Zhang, Z.P. Lu, C. Geng, T. Zhu*, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) 115(2018), 483-488.

15. "Unprecedented non-hysteretic superelasticity of [001]-orientated NiCoFeGa single crystals", H. Chen, Y.D. Wang*, Z. Nie, R. Li, D. Cong, W. Liu, F. Ye, Y. Liu, P. Cao, F. Tian, X. Shen, R. Yu, L. Vitos, M. Zhang, S. Li, X. Zhang, H. Zheng, J.F. Mitechell, Y. Ren*, Nature Materials (2020). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41563-020-0645-4