Xiaotong Zhang

Tel.:+86-10-62332784 Email:zxt@ustb.edu.cn Title:Professor

Research Interests

1.Computer system structure,

2.Wireless sensor network

3.Cloud computing and cloud security

4.Design based on multiple computing platforms

5.Information art design and visual computing

Education Background

2000  Ph. D., University of Science and Technology Beijing

Working Experience

2010-2011    Government sponsored study abroad in Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Lehigh University in the United States, engaged in the research of computer networks and information physical systems.

2000-Present  Engaged in teaching and scientific research in computer and electronics at University of Science and Technology Beijing.

Honors and Awards

Obtained 7 national invention patents and 4 software copyrights in the fields of integrated circuits, wireless sensor networks, industrial wireless standards, cloud computing and so on.

Selected Publications

Published more than 80 papers in domestic and foreign journals and conferences, 2 editor-in-chief and main translation works, 2 co-translation textbooks.

Some books are as follows:

1.X. T. Zhang, X. J. Ban, et al. Wireless sensor network and artificial life. National Defense Industry Press, 2008, 6.

2.X. T. Zhang, G. S. Yan, et al. Understanding Ipv6, Tsinghua University Press, 2004, 3.

3.J. W. Xu, X. T. Zhang, et al. Architecture, strategy and implementation of COM and CORBA, Tsinghua University Press, 2002, 6.

Academic Work

1.Member of Working Committee for Popularization of China Computer Federation

2.Member of Pervasive Computing Special Committee of China Computer Federation, etc.