Luning Wang

Tel.:+86-10-62332184 Email:luning.wang@ustb.edu.cn Title:Professor


2002  B. E., School of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing,;

2005  M. E, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University,

2007  Master of Medicine, Department of Materials Engineering, University of Alberta in Canada

2011  Ph. D., Department of Materials Engineering, University of Alberta in Canada;

Working Experience

2011/05-2012/04  Postdoctoral, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta

2012/05-2013/04  Won the Canada National Natural Science and Engineering Foundation Visiting Fellowship (NSERC Visiting Fellowship) in Canada card

The main research direction during the Ph.D and post-doctoral period was the surface bionic modification of valve metal-based biomedical materials such as titanium and zirconium.

Selected Publications

1.C. Zhou, X. Feng, Z. Shi, C. Song, X. Cui, J. Zhang, T. Li, E.S. Toft, J. Ge, L. Wang, H. Zhang, Research on elastic recoil and restoration of vessel pulsatility of Zn-Cu biodegradable coronary stents, Biomedical Engineering-Biomedizinische Technik, 65 (2020) 219-227.

2.W. Xu, X. Lu, J. Tian, C. Huang, M. Chen, Y. Yan, L. Wang, X. Qu, C. Wen, Microstructure, wear resistance, and corrosion performance of Ti35Zr28Nb alloy fabricated by powder metallurgy for orthopedic applications, Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 41 (2020) 191-198.

3.L. Wang, X. Zhang, K. Yang, L. Wang, C.-S. Lee, Oxygen/nitrogen-related surface states controlled carbon nanodots with tunable full-color luminescence: Mechanism and bio-imaging, Carbon, 160 (2020) 298-306.

4.X. Luo, S. Yao, H. Zhang, M. Cai, W. Liu, R. Pan, C. Chen, X. Wang, L. Wang, M. Zhong, Biocompatible nano-ripples structured surfaces induced by femtosecond laser to rebel bacterial colonization and biofilm formation, Optics and Laser Technology, 124 (2020).

5.Y. Chen, D. Jiang, Z. Gong, Q. Li, R. Shi, Z. Yang, Z. Lei, J. Li, L.-N. Wang, Visible-light responsive organic nano-heterostructured photocatalysts for environmental remediation and H-2 generation, Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 38 (2020) 93-106.

6.Y. Liu, Y. Zheng, X.-H. Chen, J.-A. Yang, H. Pan, D. Chen, L. Wang, J. Zhang, D. Zhu, S. Wu, K.W.K. Yeung, R.-C. Zeng, Y. Han, S. Guan, Fundamental Theory of Biodegradable Metals-Definition, Criteria, and Design, Advanced Functional Materials, 29 (2019).

7.Z. Li, Z.-Z. Shi, Y. Hao, H.-F. Li, X.-F. Liu, A.A. Volinsky, H.-J. Zhang, L.-N. Wang, High-performance hot-warm rolled Zn-0.8Li alloy with nano-sized metastable precipitates and sub-micron grains for biodegradable stents, Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 35 (2019) 2618-2624.

8.L. Li, S. Yao, X. Zhao, J. Yang, Y. Wang, L. Wang, Fabrication and Properties of Anodic Oxide Nanotubular Arrays on Zr-17Nb Alloy, Acta Metall. Sin., 55 (2019) 1008-1018.

9.Y. Chen, W. Li, D. Jiang, K. Men, Z. Li, L. Li, S. Sun, J. Li, Z.-H. Huang, L.-N. Wang, Facile synthesis of bimodal macroporous g-C3N4/SnO2 nanohybrids with enhanced photocatalytic activity, Science Bulletin, 64 (2019) 44-53.

10.L. Liu, Y. Meng, C. Dong, Y. Yan, A.A. Volinsky, L.-N. Wang, Initial formation of corrosion products on pure zinc in simulated body fluid, Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 34 (2018) 2271-2282.