Feng Ye

Tel.:+86-10-62333899 Email:yefeng@skl.ustb.edu.cn Title:Professor

Research interests

1.Amorphous alloy

2.Aluminum alloy

3.Plastic deformation of high silicon steel


09/1988-07/1993, Tsinghua University, Materials Science, Bachelor

09/1993-07/1996, Institute of Metal Research CAS, Materials Science, Master

09/1996-06/1999, Institute of Metal Research CAS, Materials Science, Ph. D

Professional experiences

2004-present: University of Science and Technology, Professor

2002-2004: Max-Planck Institute for metal research, and Institute for Theory and Applied Physics, University Stuttgart, Max-Planck Fellow.

2001-2002: Institute of Nanotechnology, Research Center Karlsruhe, Postdoctoral research associate.

2000-2001: Institute of Nanotechnology, Research Center Karlsruhe, Alexander von Humboldt Fellow.

1999-2000: Institute for Theory and Applied Physics, Uni. Stuttgart, Research Assistant.

1999-2000: Institute of Metal Research Shenyang, China, Research Assistant.

Honors and Awards

1.2000: Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship

2.2002: Max-Planck Fellowship

3.2005: Beijing Eminent Young Scientists Fellowship

4.2009: New Century Excellent Talent Fellowship, Ministry of Education of China

5.2007: Technological Invention Award from the Ministry of Education China on “Fabrication of Fe-6.5Si High Silicon Steel Sheet with Low Iron Loss and High Ductility by Cold Rolling”

6.2010: Science and Technology Progress Award from Ministry of Education in China on “Microstructure and Toughening of Bulk Metallic Glasses”


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