Yongfeng Liang

Tel.:+86-10-82376643 Email:liangyf@skl.ustb.edu.cn Title:Professor

Research Interests

1.Toughening mechanism of intermetallics

2.High-temperature structural materials (TiAl alloys, Superalloys)

3.High-performance soft magnetic materials

4.Advanced fabrication processes for brittle materials

5.Application of advanced metallic materials


2003/09-2010/12  USTB  Materials Science & Engineering  Ph. D.

2009/10-2010/10  Pennsylvania State University  Co-educated Ph. D. student

1999/09-2003/07  USTB  Metals Engineering  Bachelor

Work experience

2019/07 -now     SKLAMM USTB  Professor

2016/10-2018/03  Ames Lab, DOE, U.S.  Visiting scholar

2013/06-2019/06  SKLAMM USTB  Associate Professor

2011/01-2013/06  SKLAMM USTB  Assistant Professor

Honors and Awards

1.First Prize of Technical Invention Award, Ministry of Education of China, 2008, New Fabrication Technology for Low Iron-loss and High Ductility 6.5wt.% Si Steel.

2.Second Prize in Science and Technology for Nonferrous Metals Industry in China, 2012, Advanced High-temperature Porous TiAl Alloys and Its Fabrication.

3.Ph.D. Thesis Award of USTB

4.Post Doctor Award of USTB

Selected Publications

1.Liang YF, Wang S, Qi JK, Ye F, Lin JP. Scripta Mater 2019, 163: 107-110

2.Liang YF, Yang F, Zhang LQ, Lin JP, Shang SL, Liu ZK. Intermetallics 2014, 44: 1-7

3.Liang YF, Lin JP. JOM 2017, 69 (12): 2571-2575

4.Liang YF, Wang S, Li H, Jiang YM, Ye F, Lin JP. Adv Mater Sci Eng, 2015, 2015: 296197

5.Liang YF, Xu XJ, Lin JP. Rare Metals, 2016, 35: 15-25: 15-25

6.Song L, Xu XJ, You L, Liang YF*, Wang YL, Lin JP. Acta Mater 2015, 91: 330-339

7.Ding J, Zhang MH, Liang YF*, Ren Y, Dong CL, Lin JP. Acta Mater 2018, 161: 1-11

8.Chen L, Lin JP, Xu XJ, Li C, Xu Y, Liang, YF*. J Alloy Compd 2018, 741: 1175-1182

9.Gui WY, Lin JP, Liu MD, Qu YH, Wang YC, Liang YF*. J Alloy Compd 2019, 782: 973-980

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16.Wang S, Jiang YM, Liang YF*, Ye F, Lin JP. Adv Mater Sci Eng 2015, 2015: 410830

Academic Services

1.Reviewer for 20+ academic journals, e.g. Intermetallics, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Materials Characterization, etc.

2.TMS Member  

3.ASM International Member