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NIM-2000/3000S Soft Magnetic Property Measurement System

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It is suitable for the magnetic measurement of soft magnetic materials, such as pure iron, Fe-Ni alloys, Fe-Co alloys, Fe-Al alloys, ferrite, amorphous/microcrystalline/super microcrystalline soft magnetic alloys. The whole parameter measurement can be achieved, including hysteresis loop, magnetization curve and the following parameters: Bm、Hm、Ps、Hc、Br、μaµi、μm.


l DC and AC magnetic measurement.

l Sample can be wound lamination or solid ring.

l Samples that are sensitive to external mechanical stress (such as Permalloy) should be placed in a non-magnetic insulation box.

l Sample should have a uniform cross-sectional area and radial width. The inner and outer diameters of the ring-shaped samples must be greater than 2.5 cm, and the ratio of the outer diameter to the inner diameter is less than or equal to 1.3.

l The measuring coil should be evenly wound on the inner layer of the sample, and the magnetizing coil should be evenly wound on the outer layer. The diameter of the copper wire used for measuring coil is generally about 0.2mm, and that for the magnetizing coil is about 0.8 mm.


Maximum magnetic field: 2.0 T

Frequency range: 20 Hz ~1 MHz