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UNICO UV-4802 Double-beam UV-visible Spectrophotometer

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It can be used for scientific researches in physics, chemistry, medicine, biology, pharmacology, geology, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, metallurgy, light industry, materials, environmental protection, medical testing and other analytical industries.


1. The instrument has good stability, repeatability and accurate measurement readings.

2. The instrument has automatic setting functions such as 0%T and 100%T, and it has concentration calculation and data processing functions of various methods.

3. The stability index of the instrument is close to the level of advanced ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer;

4. It is equipped with standard RS-232 serial communication interface, random distribution of UNICO application software, so that it can realize more powerful functions.


Optical System: Split beam, grating system1200 lines/mm

Bandwidth: 1.8nm

Wavelength Range: 190 – 1100 nm

Wavelength Accuracy: ± 0.3 nm

Wavelength Repeatability: 0.1 nm

Photometric Range: 0 - 200%T, -0.3 - 3.0A, 0 - 9999C (0 - 9999F)

Photometric Accuracy: ± 0.3%T

Output: RS-232C