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Sem-servo High Temperature in-situ Fatigue Testing Machine

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Sem-servo high temperature in-situ fatigue testing machine is a fatigue testing machine with scanning electron microscope. It is used to observe the surface morphology, microstructure evolution and crack propagation behavior of samples in real-time during fatigue testing, and it can record the evolution of stress and strain in the process of fatigue test in real time.


It has the function of real-time observation of surface morphology and microstructure evolution during deformation, as well as crack initiation and propagation behavior. It also has the functions of scanning electron microscope observation and mechanical properties (tensile and tensile fatigue) testing.


l Tensile test:

maximum load ≤ 1.3 kN (error 1 N)

maximum displacement 10mm (error 1 μm)

l Tensile-tensile fatigue test:

maximum dynamic load ≤ 1 kN

maximum frequency ≤ 10 Hz (frequency conversion during test)

l Test temperature: room temperature ~ 800 ℃ (vacuum)

l Magnification: X50 ~ X200,000, the effective magnification under dynamic test conditions is X5000.