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Atomization Forming System

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General master alloys are prepared by vacuum induction. It is not only suitable for low alloy steels, aluminum alloys and high temperature alloys, but also provides a method for the development of intermetallic compounds, composite materials and nanocrystalline materials.


1. The atomization microstructure has the characteristics of rapid condensation microstructure: the grains are fine, and most of them are equiaxed grains, up to 10 μm.  The macrosegregation in the deposited billet was eliminated. The spray deposition process is completed instantaneously in inert atmosphere. The process is simple and avoids oxidation caused by storage and transportation. Therefore, the oxygen content in the deposited billets is much lower than that of similar powder alloys.

2. Superior performance: the properties of spray deposited materials (such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strength, toughness and mechanical properties) are superior to those of conventional casting materials, but equivalent to powder materials. In addition, the potential machinability of the alloy is greatly improved.

3. Short process and high production efficiency.

4. Versatility and product diversity: it is not only suitable for a variety of metal materials, but also can directly form a variety of blanks close to the actual shape of parts (such as plates, cakes, tubes, rings, bars, plates and belts, etc.).

5. Metal matrix composite material: it can solve various problems encountered in the preparation technology of other composite materials to a great extent, and produce metal matrix composite materials with low performance and high performance.


Manufacturer: Beijing Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd

Induction heating system: temperature up to 2000 ℃

Frequency: 0-8000 Hz, 100 kW.

Crucible: 15-25 kg

Nitrogen generator: purity above 98%

Vacuum: 10-3 Pa

Atomizing system: pressure 0-1.0 MPa, flow rate 0-60 L/s

Cooling rate: 10-3-10-6 K/s.