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Gleeble Thermal Simulation Testing Machine

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1. Process simulation

Hot rolling process simulation, continuous casting process simulation, forging process simulation, butt welding process simulation, welding heat affected zone simulation and heat treatment process simulation.

2. Types of experiments

Room temperature tensile/compression test, high temperature tension/compression test, thermal fatigue, thermal/mechanical fatigue, high temperature thermoplastic curve, true stress/true strain curve, CCT curve.

3. Research on materials fundamentals

Diffusion, melting and controlled solidification, stress relaxation, recrystallization, work hardening, freezing microstructure, etc.


Manufacturer: DSI company, USA

Heating rate: maximum speed 10000 ℃/s (Φ 6 mm long plain carbon steel specimen)

Minimum speed and cooling rate at holding temperatures: 140 ℃/s (1000 ℃, Φ 6 mm long plain carbon steel specimen), 78 ℃/s (800-500 ℃, Φ 6 mm long plain carbon steel specimen)

Rapid cooling rate 10000 ℃/s (Φ 6 mm long plain carbon steel specimen)

Maximum load: (tension or compression) ± 8165 kg (static load), ± 5443 kg (dynamic load)

Maximum displacement: 101 mm

Loading speed: maximum 20000 kg/s, minimum 0.001 kg/s

Displacement speed: maximum 1200 mm/s, minimum 0.000 017 mm/s

Number of computer sampling channels: 12

Maximum sampling rate: 50000 Hz

Maximum sampling time: 38 hours