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MTS809 Tension-torsion Fatigue Test Machine

  • Parameters:



1. Static tensile test (Room temperature and high temperature)

2. Static torsion test (Room temperature high temperature)

3. Fracture mechanics test, including

● Pre-crack fatigue test

        ● Fatigue crack growth rates test

        ● Testing of plain strain fracture toughness of metallic materials

        ● Testing of ductile fracture toughness JIc of metallic materials

4.  Testing of fatigue life curves (Room temperature and high temperature)

  ● Tension and compression fatigue test

       Stress control and strain control

  ● Torsion fatigue test

      Stress control and strain control

  Tension-torsion fatigue test

      Stress control and strain control

5.  Fatigue test of the integral components


Manufacturer: MTS Systems Corporation, USA

Maximum Load: 250 kN

Maximum static load: 250 kN

Maximum dynamical load: 200 kN

Maximum torque: 2000 N·m

Frequency ranges: 0~30 Hz

Test temperature: Room temperature 1000℃