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JEOL JXA-8100 Electronic Probe Micro Analyzer

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Qualitative or quantitative analysis of the chemical composition of micro-zones; microstructure and morphology


The Electronic Probe Micro Analyzer (EPMA) JEOL JXA-8100 is produced by Japan Electronics. It mainly performs qualitative and quantitative analysis of the chemical composition of micro-areas, especially the quantitative analysis of light elements. EPMA8100 consists of four spectrometers and eight spectroscopic crystals. We specifically purchased spectroscopic crystals for Be and B analysis.

Test objects: metallurgical, geological and various new materials


Secondary electron resolution: 6nm (working distance 11mm)

Beam range: 10-5 ~ 10-12 A

Beam stability: ±0.5×10-3/h; ±3×10-3/12h

Magnification: ×40 ~ ×300,000

Element detection range: 4Be ~ 92U

Roland circle radius: 140 mm, 100 mm (H type)

Maximum sample size: 100 mm×100 mm×50 mm

Sample stage repeatability: ±1µm

Output Data: Fixed point analysis; line scan analysis; area scan analysis, and so on