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Tecnai F30 Transmission Electron Microscope

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Applications and Features

Tecnai F30 transmission electron microscope (TEM) is produced by an American company FEI. It is equipped with electronic energy filtering system (GIF), energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDAX), scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) system, high angle angular dark field (HAADF) probe, 894/963 CCD and Lorentz electromagnetic lens, etc. The Schottky field emission electron gun is employed in this TEM, and the accelerating voltage is 300kV. Besides, the minimum resolution is 0.14nm. Based on these characteristics, the TEM can be used for morphology observation, high resolution atom image, atomic number/composition contrast image, magnetic domains and element distribution. Meanwhile, it can also be applied to determine the selected area electron diffraction (SAED), phase structure, coupled with the composition, valence and bonding states of element. The TEM is widely used in the field of metallic materials, ceramic materials, composite materials and polymer materials.