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Nanometer Micromechanics Probe

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Nanomicromechanical probe is a powerful tool to study the mechanical properties of the micro-area of materials. Nano Indenter II nano-micromechanics probe is a special indentation system, which can continuously record the load and displacement data, and the experimental load can be as small as the order of micrograms. In addition to the study of second-phase particles, grain boundaries, composite materials, due to its high displacement accuracy (vertical direction is 0.04 nm), it is particularly suitable for analyzing the micro-region mechanical properties of various thin-film materials and surface-modified materials.


1. It can determine the hardness and elastic modulus of various thin film materials including ion implanted materials, chemical plating, vapor deposition, multilayer films, super hard films, surface modification, etc.

2. It can measure the hardness and elastic modulus of a phase in multiphase metal materials and composite materials and the hardness distribution in the interface area.

3. It can measure the creep and strain rate sensitivity coefficient of the materials.

4. It can determine the hardening index of the materials.

5. The fracture toughness of the materials can be obtained by measuring the crack length of the indentation.

6. The interface shear strength can be obtained by measuring the interface performance of the composite materials by the launch method.

7. Combined with the finite element method, the yield strength of the material can be calculated.

8. Combined with the scratch attachment, the bonding strength and friction coefficient of the film can be measured.

9. It is also used in the fields of integrated circuits, microelectronics and biomaterials. The application field of nano-micromechanics probes is continuously expanding. Making full use of existing hardware and software, and constantly designing new accessories and application software will surely develop more new functions.

10. In order to obtain the experimental data of the mechanical properties of the crack tip of the material and study the crack propagation and stress distribution of the materials, the Nano Indenter II's extremely high intrusion accuracy and large sample room space are used in the "Networking Equipment Condition Construction Project" With the support of the company, the "Quasi-Dynamic Crack Zone Mechanical Properties Test Bench" was independently developed. "Quasi-dynamic crack zone mechanical properties test bench" can load the sample, and use the nano-mechanical probe to measure the mechanical properties of the crack tip region while maintaining the load and keeping the stress state of the crack tip unchanged. In addition, the use of samples that meet the national standard (GB 4161-84) can obtain the fracture toughness (KIC) of the material, which is suitable for the fracture toughness (KIC) measurement of small samples of brittle materials. The self-developed control software can control and collect experimental data, and can use other general software for data processing.


Model: Nano Indenter II

Manufacturer: American MTS Company